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Hyperbetter can custom Granite vanity tops&countertop marble for your home or business. Customized granite vanity tops&countertop marble add more charm to your home.  Whether you are decorating new houses, granite vanity tops&countertop marble will make a beautiful addition value of any home or commercial establishment. Granite has become the good choice of countertops for today's luxury living. Available in more than 100 different colors, customized granite vanity tops can be matched with any decor. Countertops size is according to your need, but an optimal thickness forcountertop marble is 3/4”.


HyperBetter is a well-established leader in the global distribution of premium high quality table tops

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Hyperbetter have rich experience in marble table top and other work tops more than 10 years.
Marble top dining table Granite table tops
The size and shape for Marble table tops can be customized. Now marble table top is more welcome for coffee shop and restaurant because of its durability, natural various vein,gloss look. And our carrara marble table top is cheaper which can take more advantage for your business, we also can supply matched metal base and chair together - More Details

Granite table tops is suitable for outdoor and indoor. Granite table tops in long durability and colour will not fade with our professional quality control is your ideal choice,you also can use it for granite fire pit.We also can supply same material for decoration to match the granite table tops.- More Details

Granite Kitchen Countertops Granite Vanity tops
Granite countertops Granite countertops, kitchen countertops is popular because of durability and low-maintenance. Color of granite countertops are unaffected by heat and moisture. At Hyperbetter,granite countertops, granite countertops are now a really affordable option.More opitional edge progress and size of our granite countertops- More Details

Granite vanity topsGranite vanity tops come with undermount or integrated bowls, faucet holes the following configurations: single, 4", 8" and 8" contour . Custom Edging available on hyperbetter's granite vanity tops.More size available for our Granite vanity tops. Hyperbetter's granite vanity tops are produced in 7 years experience.I think we bring to you affordable and quality Granite Vanity tops .- More Details

Countertop marble Limestone kitchen countertops

marble countertops Like Granite, Marble is the most common used stone as a countertops,kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops. Countertop Marble ranks second to granite for bathroom vanity tops.Countertop Marble is popular in kitchen or bathroom. Countertop Marble and bathroom vanity tops is perfect for people who prefer a high-gloss looking.More countertop marble in Hyperbetter- More Details

limestone kitchen tops Limestone kitchen countertops gives luxurious look & adds warmth to the kitchen. Limestone kitchen Countertops also have different colors you can use. Limestone kitchen countertops into your kitchen room, it need clean your countertop daily and apply sealant on a regular interval. Do not place hot pots and pans directly on kitchen Limestone countertops. Hyperbetter can supply more table tops - More Details

Travertine Kitchen Countertops

Slate Bathroom Vanity tops

travertine bathroom tops Travertine kitchen countertops also add uniqueness in bath or kitchen room due to their various kinds of appearance.Softness of travertine makes it useful for various applications apart in kitchen countertops. Unique look of travertine kitchen countertops and travertine bathroom vanity tops add more charming and nobleness to every family- More Details

slate vanity tops Slate is one of the most durable of the materials used to make bathroom vanity tops. Slate bathroom vanity tops durable, waterproof and may be colorful does not get affected by acids. But . It's a disadvantage if slate bathroom vanity tops exposed to very low temperature, the layers start separating from one another. What are the best slate bathroom vanity tops made of. It depends on your own choice - More Details

Kitchen Countertop Edge Style Countertop Edge Style

Bathroom Vanity tops packages Vanity tops packages

Bathroom Vanity top CAD Drawing Vanity tops CAD DRAWINGS

Hyperbetter can prefabricate bathroom vanity tops with following material:

Metal Clips for Vanity Tops

Metal clips for vanity top

Stone Sink

Stone sink

Ceramic Sink

ceramic sink

Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless steel sink