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Slate countertops is a good choice for your kitchenroom
Updated:2011.07.21 Source:Granite Countertops|Marble Vanity tops|Granite Vanity tops|Table Tops Clicks:

Slate countertop is a good choice  for your kitchen room. Hyperbetter also provide that level of style that you are looking for. Slate countertop is durable, stain resistant and have a low absorption rate which will help to cut down on the bacterial growth that you usually will find on countertops.

But Slate has less maintenance than granite or marble; however it is just as durable and has just as much strength as its counterparts.

Slate is a naturally occurring product that can be found all rather easily. Slate is usually quarried in large slabs which will then be cut down to the size that is needed for the buyer. In China, rusty,green or grey color is popular.